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30, Jun 2021 | Growth marketing

When talking about a marketing agency, most people do not know what functions it performs. Unfortunately, there is confusion between marketing agencies and advertising agencies.

Despite this, many things make them different. Tachuela is an integrated marketing agency, specialized in digital tools. Our services are as follows:

  • Performance: we take care of implementing all the necessary tools to get the best performance and convert your target market.
  • Big data: we help you generate impacts, in specific segments or users who have had contact with your brand.
  • Strategic planning: we study your business, you, your competitors and your competitors and activities to understand your market and make strategies that are congruent with your campaigns.
  • We make budgets: and not only that, we also design the whole multimedia plan so that you can implement it.
  • Multichannel: we play with online and offline strategies that allow interaction between brand and user in different communication channels.
  • Social media management: We plan your social media strategy and execute the different campaigns for your community.
  • Content: we also use storytelling creative in graphic design and audiovisual content

However, there are things we must clarify as each marketing agency is different and may or may not handle more services for you and your brand.

What is a marketing agency?

It is a company that specializes in providing advice to providing advice to companies, brands o individuals on market research and consumer needs. What for? To enhance it!

What are the functions of a marketing agency?

This is strategic planning, marketing agencies draw up the necessary strategies to develop an optimal action plan for the company. Among the most popular services are:

  • Create better channels to communicate with your customers. The aim is to open social networks, generate advertisements or simply to promote the communication.
  • Designing the messages to be conveyed. You cannot give wrong or inadequate messages or inappropriate messages in any of your channels, which is why marketing agencies are dedicated to this.
  • Market segmentation. The market research will help research will help you to segment your market and thus, focus on what is really important to highlight your service, product or brand.
  • Interpret results. The metrics are important! For this reason, the marketing agencies are dedicated to letting you know if everything they’ve done so far has worked.

These agencies carry out complex jobs, not only managing social networks social networksbut also the market research, elaboration of SWOT analysis, message optimization and they do it in conjunction with the 4 P’s of marketing which are:

  • Product. It is the basis of any marketing strategy; it is the object through which we seek to satisfy the needs of the target audience.
  • Point of sale. Strategic marketing locations, such as social networks, an online store or a physical store.
  • Price. It is the value given to the product or service, it is a very important decision made by marketing agencies, but not by advertising agencies.
  • Promotion. These are the marketing actions that will be implemented to highlight the product or service in question.

Who works in a marketing agency?

Working in marketing agencies is not for everyone and some marketing agencies tend to specialize in social networks or basically go digital. Some of the professional profiles are:

  • Community manager. Social networks help people or companies to interact and attract customers, so a community manager is necessary to manage the online community.
  • SEO Specialist. Website positioning has made SEO specialists indispensable to digital marketing agencies because words also have a lot of power.
  • SEM Specialist. It complements the SEO specialist with the difference that its objective is to improve web positioning through paid search results.
  • Social media strategist. This is the person who will be in charge of designing the global strategy in social networks and who is constantly evolving.

Other specialists are also needed, such as graphic designers, lawyers, accountants and even project managers.

Advantages of hiring a marketing agency


The services offered by a marketing agency are not playing. They know what they are doing and the steps to follow to position your product or brand, plus they will know the expected results and the time in which they will achieve them.

You have a contract backing, tons of experiencetons of experience and a whole team working on your account to position you.

Equipment at your disposal

The digital marketing agencies are made up of a team with different skills, ranging from graphic designers to programmers y project managers. These profiles will help your business grow because each one is an expert in his or her area.

Trained professionals

Courses and certifications have come to save us all. The constant training is a virtue We assure you that all professionals have the necessary preparation to take you and your brand to success.


Almost always, when you hire a marketing marketing agency you have a free consultation. Which, if necessary, the team will contact you and inform you if your business is definitely in “bad shape”.


This advantage lies in the fact that a computer outside of your own will be able to tell you what’s going on y how it can be fixed creative strategies to help you achieve your objectives.

Backup history

It must be difficult to trust a digital marketing agency that has no track record, however, Tachuela has everything to help your product or service grow and if we don’t convince you yet, see our success stories.

We invite you to continue reading our blog for more interesting information like this!

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