The new era of Cinema?

17, Jul 2021 | Life Style

By: Carlos Limón

We have all been victims of this great pandemic that plagues us and we see no end to it, it has been a very complicated time for many people around the world and although we are the most affected we are not the only ones.

We have all gone to the movies and enjoyed that moment full of emotion or tension for what we see on the big screen, we are filled with tears, joy, laughter, fear and much more in a room full of people who feel (possibly) the same emotions and we connect with them, having an atmosphere of coexistence with complete strangers. What better than going to the capital of cinema and live its magic? * wink wink

Cinema and the Covid-19 pandemic

The seventh art industry has been affected by the pandemic, since its closure since the second quarter of 2020 these entertainment venues had to close for a long period of time which has made large distribution and production companies to rethink how they can deal with this problem. For many, if not most, the answer has been “online streaming”, these are platforms that provide a service from movies to series, either their own or that buy the license of different production companies to be able to transmit their product online.

Many of these platforms (mainly the most recent ones) such as Disney+, HBO MAX, Paramount+ and even Prime Video have opted to release their big blockbusters directly on their platforms, removing them from the cinema or, failing that, releasing them on their platforms and in the cinema at the same time, this has angered many customers in the movie industry because according to what they say it is not the same watching movies at home than watching them in the cinema, with that big screen and surround sound that characterizes the cinema.

The industry is coming into this new era, will it be better to bring releases directly to platforms or stick with theatrical releases? Let us remember that time has shown us that those who do not update themselves remain adrift and, in short, cease to exist.

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