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09, Jul 2021 | Growth marketing, Life Style

By: Estrella Gómez

Kpop has had a very important participation in marketing these last months, one of the most famous examples was the campaign that Mcdonald’s launched called the “BTS Meal” which basically consisted of a special menu and merchandise that would only be available for a limited time… It was a bomb! thousands of Armys, fans of this successful South Korean Boyband, attended the branches of this franchise, it was not something national, no, it was something worldwide and it really swept. Another example, which is very recent, is the participation of BTS as global ambassadors of the Louis Vuitton brand, can you imagine the importance of this event?

BTS Meal

The success of Kpop

Now, you may wonder how Kpop has reached such a magnitude? I tell you, behind all kpop bands there are great strategies that have been worked, and it is not something of months, but of years. Years of planning to create a style, years of diversification and years of creating a large community, in this case, fans.

Kpop groups have years of training before debuting, they are taken to classes in singing, dancing, acting, modeling and more, preparing them to be complete artists, which is something in which Kpop excels a lot; while this happens, the company is responsible for releasing teasers of their rising stars, starting to create fan communities that from the beginning support these artists and follow step by step the success of the same.

“Groups depend on a dedicated fan community to break records and promote themselves” – Rosalinda Abreu

This is very important, if fans are interested in the group, they will start creating content that promotes them for this Kpop groups try to keep their fandom happy through tweets, live performances, home videos and tutorials of their choreography. This is taken advantage of in the best way, because the bigger the community, the better the results; this has led to Kpop artists now being interested in finding more fans around the world; that is why they can be seen doing collaborations with various artists, such as: Steve Aoki, Dua Lipa, Reik, Selena Gomez, Halsey, Chainsmokers, Nicki Minaj, Becky G, Sebastian Yatra, and more.

In this way, they have managed to go global, and as they have achieved success after success, brands have become interested in them to promote their products, always taking into account the great magnitude of the Kpoper community. It is worth mentioning that a band’s comeback is synonymous with new material and merchandise, therefore, more profits, both for the industry and for the fans, because for this community it is important to have merchandising of their favorite band.

Many brands are looking for collaborations with Kpop groups, they know and we know that it is a great opportunity now that Kpop is gaining more strength than before. There are benefits for both parties, the brands achieve a high revenue perception and the Kpop industry expands further while earning higher profit rates.

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