TikTok a 180-degree turn

02, Jul 2021 | Lo mejor en social media

In the aftermath of the pandemic, the digital platform TikTok has become one of the favorite applications around the world, increasing the number of subscribers every day.

Changes in TikTok

Since late last year we have seen how the company has been testing a new expanded format, which the company has shared today, will begin to expand its availability to users worldwide over the next few weeks, increasing the current time limit of its videos from 60 seconds to 180 seconds allowing us to create clips of up to three minutes.

This function has gone through a small testing period before, showing us the enormous potential that this time extension means for the social network, with some examples that have not taken long to go viral.

As is often the case, some detractors think this could kill the essence of the social network. Although it is worth remembering that initially, TikTok videos started with a strong restriction of only 15 seconds, a format that was considered equally popular until it was extended to the current one minute.

tiktok g6c1b8bebe 640
Image by Sam riz at Pixabay

Although some will now be able to create longer videos, this does not necessarily mean that this is a measure that we should follow, thus opening up the range for the creation of unique content.

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